Tuesday, October 10, 2006

[Patrick changes his Blog]

Hi folks, today I decided to change a whole lot in my life and i start with this blog, from now on it'll change to my little "the-life-of-a-developer"-blog. So hopefully tomorrow i can start to recreate most of the stuff on this page. I gonna start with the renewing tommorrow since i'm tired of my shopping marathon today. So see you tommorrow folks!
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

[Back with old performance]

Welcome back.... seems to be amazing that these words are not pointed to you, but to me!
I want to say sorry to everyone who ever visited this page and didn't find a new post.

Now here's what happend: (<--- Sounds just like in a movie, doen't it?)
I came into a new class, a need group of nice and friendly mates, who accepted me from the first moment. My homeworks are alot easier now and I feel how I can realy enjoy myself! In fact, I didn't find the time to take care of my emails. But today I did so and I really liked all the positiv response. SO I want to say "ThankYou"!
So tomorrow you will find some reports from my weekend in here.
till then! Bye! And take care!
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Monday, August 21, 2006

[Best day ever!]

For the first time since along time I can look into the mirror and can say "hooodie-boooodie, do I look good!". Yesterday I went to the hairdresser and got my hair kinda short (it's a normal length, so for me it feels now kinda short :D).
I got my hair a little lightned up with some highlights and then I shaved. So when I look into the mirror now, my lips start smiling.
Tommorow you will see some pics then. So hold minors away, the new me is in town :D
I wish everyone a wonderfull night now, because i need to take my beautysleep.

In love Patrick

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

[Back on top]

After I lost some of my hopes, aswell as my dreams and all that stuff.
I just looked into the mirror and told myself that there's always a Monday, that you have to use to change at least a bit of your life and the lafe of your mates.
I would like to have everyone viewing this blog sending my an e-mail.
Just wright what ever you like to, the mail-form is to your left.
I'm excited what you gonna wright. As a new feature of this blog, there will be a new video player that i will start building, writing, designing.
I woke up that morning and I saw some darkness spreading, but now I found out that I can dance in the rain, I can sing to the music in my head. Why should I still think about the next step?
The next step is to open your arms, hug someone you love and then just start danicng.
I'm so happy. Bye Patrick

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

[New Profile]

Hi Readers, today I decided to provide you with the newest infos about my blog. In case you didn't notice, I added a picture of the new "Profil-features".
Here, I will provide you with all the basic infos of that command central:
1. Enlarge the picture
2. View my profil
3. View my gallery (not included yet)
4. Send me an email (not included yet)
5. Visit Colored-Mind
(From Top to Bottom)
I hope you can see any use in the changes, if not, I can provide you also with some news from Jessicas blog. There I integrated my email thingie, that's also here on my blog. Also some nice pics are added to her site again, so go and check it out.
On my site some pictures will follow soon (also some for my control center ;) ). So, today I have to go to Jessica, since she will leave our country and go to Malta, but then tomorrow I hope to bring up some nice stuff again, since I have to work now my site wasn't updated for a few days, I'm realy sorry about that.
But that will change now, so stay tuned for more wicked stuff tomorrow ;)

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